“I am so grateful to CDI for being such a professional and caring agency and for having staff members who are so well trained and passionate about what they do.  Everyone had Payton’s best interests at heart.  The therapists truly cared about Payton and always gave their all to help her.  As a result of that, Payton made so much progress.  I would not hesitate to recommend CDI to anyone and am certain that all that Payton learned during her time at CDI will serve her not only now, but well into her future.” ~ Michele

An Important Message for Grown-Ups



Dillan’s Message

Dillan pic


“A really intimate and messy relationship
is by far the most liberating and healing of all approaches.”





Dillan, age 15, recently gave a speech at CDI’s 20th Anniversary Gala.  Dillan has autism and uses a keyboard to communicate.  He reflected on his journey with CDI, and how far he has come over the years.  To read his powerful message, click here.


Sebastian’s Story

Sebastian’s family shares their experience receiving services at CDI and how supported and empowered they feel in being able to support their son’s development.

Lillie’s Story

Lillie’s mom, Justiana, shares her story about how she found CDI’s Early Learning Center and had a free developmental screening done for her two girls. Youngest daughter, Lillie, needed developmental support and speech therapy and began receiving services at CDI.  A year later, Justiana talks about her experiences with CDI and the changes she has seen in Lillie’s development.


If you have concerns about your child’s development, Child Development Institute is here to support you. We are available to answer any of your questions and to listen to your concerns. For more information, call or email Director of Clinical Programs, Tessa Graham, 818-888-4559.

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