Developmental Support Services

Developmental Support Services

CDI’s developmental support services are for children birth to 8 years old. These support services help children with a developmental challenge or delay learn how to successfully participate in family activities, have routines and experience full inclusion and integration in their communities.

What Are Developmental Support Services?

CDI’s developmental support services use specific therapeutic interventions to give your child what he/she needs to strengthen skills in problem solving, communication, social development, emotional development, adaptive skills, and self-regulation.

Areas Your Child Could Benefit From Developmental Services

Ability to regulate self in developmentally appropriate ways
Attention and interest
Ability to follow directions
Functional communication
Problem solving skills
Ability to initiate and sustain back and forth interactions with adults and peers
Developmentally appropriate play and social interaction
Self help and safety awareness

Creating The Right Plan For You And Your Family

We believe that family is central to every child’s development. CDI uses a relationship-based model to offer family support services within the treatment plan so that parents, caregivers, siblings and teachers are equipped with the tools to support and connect with your child. Services are designed to build on your family’s strengths, natural supports, and existing community resources.

CDI clinicians and interventionists work with your family to create a treatment plan incorporates your concerns and priorities for your child, and are based on your family’s needs, preferences and lifestyle.

IPP & IEP Goals – CDI’s trained staff incorporates your child’s IPP and IEP goals into an integrated treatment plan to support the goals and needs of your child and family.

Services Incorporated within Natural Environments – Developmental services can be done at home, in school, and in the community at parks, play spaces or commonly visited locations. By providing services in natural environments, your child learns how to use learned skills in other settings. This also can help your family with practical ways to work with your child in everyday setting.

CDI is available to answer any of your questions or concerns about your child’s development. For more information, contact Tessa Graham, Director of Clinical Programs at  818-888-4559 or email

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