Speech and Language Therapy

Speech and Language Therapy

Your child’s speech, language and communication skills begin developing from birth. If these skills are not developing in a typical manner compared to same age peers, this could suggest the presence of a speech and language delay or speech disorder. If you have concerns, speech and language therapy may be beneficial to your child.

Speech and Language Therapy at Child Development Institute

Speech therapists are professionals who specialize in the development and treatment of communication disorders. CDI speech therapists evaluate and provide treatment for individuals with delays or disorders in areas of speech, language, feeding/swallowing, oral motor, fluency, auditory processing, social language, cognitive skills, as well as others. CDI offers clinicians who are PROMPT trained.  CDI’s Speech and Language Therapy Program incorporates cutting-edge treatment approaches and best-practice intervention strategies to create an individualized plan to meet your child and family’s specific needs.

CDI is available to answer any of your questions or concerns about your child’s development. For more information, contact Tessa Graham, Director of Clinical Programs at  818-888-4559 or email tgraham@cdikids.org.


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