Therapeutic Groups

Therapeutic Groups

What is a therapeutic group?

A therapeutic group is a small number of children (usually up to 6) grouped by age and the goals they are working towards. Each group focuses on a specific domain; social skills, motor skills, speech and communication, adaptive community skills, sensory or mental health. Groups are staffed in a way to support each child’s individual needs and encourage children’s active involvement in group activities.

Why would I choose to put my child in a group?

Groups offer a unique opportunity for children to learn and practice skills in a social setting with peers, while having the support of trained professionals. All groups at CDI follow a developmental model within the context of a structured routine. Children are benefited by participation in groups because they not only learn the skills through direct teaching and exercises but can practice skills in the moment with their peers.

How do groups work?

Most groups meet one time per week. Some groups meet for a set number of weeks, while others are ongoing. Typically, it is not a problem for a child to join at any time. Each week the group participates in activities that promote the desired skills. Groups for older children are drop off, while groups for younger children are often parent participation.

What is my role as a parent?

Parents are an important part of the success of any child in a group. Goals are created for the child collaboratively by the group leader and the parent. Progress is monitored by the group leader and discussed with each parent on a weekly basis. Ways to work on the goals outside of the group are also incorporated so they can be generalized to school, family gatherings, parties, community and more.

Social Skills Groups

Social Skills – under 3 years

Building Buddies – 3-5 year olds

Friendship Detectives – 6-8 year olds

Community Quest – 5-8 year olds

Sensory Motor & Handwriting Groups

Sensory Motor Mommy and Me – 18-24 months

Sensory Processing and Mental Health

Sensory Explorers – 6-8 year olds

Handwriting Group – 4-7 year olds

Child Development Institute is available to answer any of your questions about social skills groups and to listen to your concerns about your child’s development. For more information, contact Tessa Graham, Director of Clinical Programs at  818-888-4559 or email

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